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  • Wilting in Bloom

    Investigating how poor wages affect women flower-farm workers in Naivasha.

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Kenya’s cut-flower sector is flourishing, contributing approximately Sh60 Billion to economy. However, majority flower-farm workers earn below living wage.

This has forced the over 100,000 workers to live in slum conditions in Naivasha town under the shadow of rich flower owners. While the estimated living wage in Naivasha is about Sh17,000 ($170) p.m, a flower farm worker earns between Sh9,300 ($93)-Sh14,000 ($140) p.m.

According to a recent study, there is an increase in women headed households in the cut-flower sector with over 55 per cent of women workers being single mothers. This is compounded by the fact that women are ‘time poor’ because of their dual roles in the household economy and the labour market.

This story will investigate the impact of low wages on living conditions of workers and their families and also tell the story of these disenfranchised workers forgotten and condemned.

The story target stakeholders in the multimillion flower industry from poor workers to flower farm owners) through print and online platform.

It will also use photos, video, data visualization, text to develop long-form feature for online platform. The story will also have print features for the newspaper with pictures and visualization.

The project will use powerful social media presence i.e Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp which is popular among workers to increase its impact.

With this project develop a living wage calculator. which help flower farm workers to make decisions, be this buying a car, a house, deciding on an education or professional path in life or doing a hard check on costs to keep out of debt. The calculator will be vital tool not only for workers but also researchers and various stakeholders in the multibillion industry.


Project information

  • Locations
    Naivasha - Kenya
  • Duration
    3 months
  • Release date
    June 2017
  • Budget
    USD 7,000