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  • The impact of illegal mining on Ghana’s cocoa industry

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Narrative feature with graphic journalism + video + graphs:

We aim to use new storytelling techniques to explain how illegal cocoa farming affects the Ghana economy and the export of cocoa.

This project intends to show that illegal, unregulated artisanal mining is a threat to Ghana’s cocoa sector, and that it is thwarting efforts by government to increase cocoa production and catch up with Ivory Coast, which overtook Ghana as the leading producer of cocoa beans.

In the 2015/2016 season Ghana produced 690,000MT of cocoa beans, out of a targeted 850,000MT, whilst Ivory Coast produced around 1.6million MT, which led to a glut in that country. Between 850,000 and 900,000MT have been targeted for the 2016/2017 crop season.

Global production, meanwhile, decreased by 217,000T in the 2015/2016, to 4.031MT, a decline of five per cent compared to the previous season. Could Ghana be the reason?

Ghana’s government has been spending a lot of money to provide cocoa farmers with free seedlings, subsidised fertilizers and free spraying of farms, all in a bid to boost production. But the activities of these unlicensed artisanal miners, who dig about in a crude fashion, threatens the survival of the cocoa sector.

This project will adopt a multimedia story telling approach; there will be articles for print, online and TV, as well as short videos that incorporate data visualisation for social media. Graphic Designers will use data visualisation techniques to develop compelling short messages.


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    3 months
  • Release date
    August 2017
  • Budget
    USD 6,000