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  • Garnishees: Pound of flesh

    An investigative, data-driven and human-centred journalistic examination of garnishee orders and over-indebtedness in South Africa

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Why the topic matters: Garnishees are a highly politicised, but still poorly understood topic. They are ostensibly a debt collection tool, but one that has been shown to further entrench indebtedness and income inequality, and – unlike asset attachment – is predominately used against poorer people. But it also hits society at all levels, especially in the civil service.The project will also contextualise this issue within a broader look at over-indebtedness as a theme - what do we owe, how many credit accounts do we have, how many are in good/bad standing, etc.

What the project will look like: A scroll-form page is proposed, as well as staggered or serialised publishing, and theming content into sections, such as “public servant garnishees”, “credit exposure per income bracket” and “South Africa’s indebtedness”. Sections will include the multimedia tools applicable to each, including videos interviews, graphs, and mapping.

Primary Media partner: Business Day (print) and BDLive (online). I will be working with senior editor Rehana Rossouw, senior online producer Malgosia Kijko and multimedia editor Daniel Calderwood on the project.

Business Day online: 536,017 unique browsers, 2,315,343 pageviews. BusinessLIVE: 880,855 unique browsers, 3,930,093 pageviews


Project information

  • Locations
    Stellenbosch - South Africa
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Release date
    August 2017
  • Budget
    USD 9,000